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Dre from Chicago

You know those spoiled rich kids from the movies, when they turn 16, their parents get them their first car? Yo, I love my mama, but I gotta tell ya’ll a true story. Look, when I turned 16, my mama said, Dre, now you betta go find a job and start paying our section 8 rent. Fool, you think I gave birth to you for no good reason!? And I took a bus to that job!

(Bus Comedy Routune) Yo homies, if you wanna  see the real America, take the bus. I took the bus for 24 years…There was that environmtal bicycle guy. That dude was always really quick to get off, like he was trying to get away. I always be like, what’s the rush bro? Never got a reply. There wasthe alcoholic with his brown bag lunch. I always wondered what that was, and just recently got it. Then you had the pimps & hos, of course the pimps always sat behind the hos…There were the druggies, who sat in the back, the scared yet naive, international student who sat up front by the driver thinking he was safe.  Fool, you never safe on the bus. There were the FOB immigrants, skateboarders, crazies, and freaks.  There was the driver, and then there was me. Sad thing is that I still feel like I don’t fit in. Even after I got off the bus.

Yo, you see those disheveled bums sittin in libraries from 9 to 4 everyday at the computer? Those are the top 1 percent of penny stock traders. The other 99pct be out chillin on street corners lookin for starting capital.

Andy from Miami

I was always that kid who loved to play team sports, soccer, football  basketball, you name it. Too bad, I was also that kid who just never, ever, got the ball!

AZ: I had no idea the British had a sense of humor. Blogger Ellen Hawley: Ah, do you take your British humor wet or dry then? AZ: I usually take it straight up with an occasional lime twist. Shaken, not stirred.

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