I Want A Hot Dog (Song)

You need a hot one I got one now take it and bend it
Shake it down, break it down, with me and a friend
Biggity bounce, slide, ride, Work that thing to the right
Push it down, push it up – boom, you dynamite
Lick it up like ice cream, homie you know it
It make me bow bow bow bow (Rocky Balboa)
See I lovin it when you snackin, baby just don’t stop
You could wobledee wobledee (drop drop it like it’s hot)
Beat it up and eat it up, love that’s yo meal
And if it ain’t from the ghetto, then ain’t no deal,
Ketchup, mustard, relish, be my guest.
Nothing compares to Chicago’s Best!

(A-What you need boy?) I need a hot dog
(A-What you want boy?) I want a hot dog


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