Daily Jokes Gone Viral Rap Version!

Dre from Chicago

Yo, it goes 1 for the Snickers, 2 for the Twix, 3 muskateers, 4 trail mix, 5 for the Hershey, 6 for kit kat, 7 for the skittles, and at 8 you are FAT!!

Yo VIP, let’s kick it. Aight stop, collaborate and listen. Dre is back with my brand new invention. Something, grabs a hold of me tightly, playing PING PONG daily and nightly. Will it ever stop? Yo, I dunno. Turn of the lightz, and I glow. To the xtreme, I rock my racket like a vandal, lite up the table and burn the chump like a candle!!

His pants are baggy. His stomach, arms are flabby. There are brown spots on his underwear already. When he sat down, the noise he caused was so loud, you cant open your mouth. Time’s up, plough! Snap back to reality, ooh there goes gravity, oohh there he goes,  and back to the pants again, this moment, you own it, you gonna never let it go, no! Would you capture it or let it slip?!

My cat, big and black. Your cat, small and whack. My cat, need no introductions. Yo cat, don’t even function.  My cat, VIP, yo cat, need ID.


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