Comedy for Charity

Why did I start this blog and the 12GuysTalking YouTube Channel?  Why did I start doing Comedy? Was it just to make you laugh?  Was it just to teach you how to trade stocks?  Was it to share an interesting biographical short story that I made up?  The real reason, is for me to be happy.  My definition of happiness and the pursuit of happiness has changed over time.  Right now, a major component of that definition is knowing that I am doing something productive to change the world in a positive way through my work as an author, financial advisor, and comedian.

I now it sounds corny, but at the basic level, a desire to change the world is what life is about. No matter how hopeless things seem, this desire makes me want to get up in the morning and do great things.  At the end of the day, that is what brings happiness to my life.  The best way I know how to change the world and make a positive difference in other people’s lives is to raise awareness of social issues I care about through my comedy.

I love to raise money for charity through stand up comedy. Any revenues that I  raise through stand-up comedy routines, go towards charity. I do not will not accept any money from you, only proof of your donation directly to the charity.

Below are the causes that each of the characters wants to raise awareness for. If you care about the following causes, please click on the link and contribute.  Before donating to charity, use your best judgment and review the organization in detail to ensure it’s not a scam.

Andy from Miami  –  Save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide
Andrew from Houston –Help veterans’ families
Andre from Paris –  Help support victims of crimes
Drew from Seattle –  End homelessness among LGBT youth

Dre from Chicago – Bring freedom and justice to all Black Lives
Andriy from Donetsk – Help orphans in Ukraine suffering from the War in Donbass
Andresh from Mumbai – Fight discrimination and racism
Andrew from London – Help victims of domestic violence

Andy from New York City  – Stop Antisemitism
Andreas from Munich –  Combat anxiety and depression
Andres from Barcelona – Support equal rights for Latinos in the US
Andoryu-San from Tokyo – Ensure a clean environment and help victims of natural disasters

Other charities:

Stop Animal Abuse and Cruelty

Thank you for considering to donate to these causes,

Andrew Zwolf, America’s Favorite Freak




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