Daily Jokes Gone Viral



Andrew from London

Pardon me. Your face looks very familiar. Were you in Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or both?

Andres from Barcelona

Mira (look), that dude is a dringo. Dorky gringo!  He is also un gringo who wanna be latino. I don’t even know what to call that. Sounds completely loco to me.

Andrew from Houston

Think positve! Did you know you can turn a frown into a smile on a picture by flipping it upside down? You are lookin’ at the same face. Just from a different perspective.

Andoryu-san from Tokyo

Konicichiwa minasan (everyone)! Onamaewa Andoryu-san, andu I rivu en Musashi Koganei.  Musashi Koganei-shi, doku desu ka? Where is Musashi Koganei you ask? Simple. Musashi Koganei-shi izzu beetvinu Musashi Sakai andu Higashi Koganei. Now, you knowu.


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