Jokes of the Day

Andrew from London

If you are not careful darling, you could spoil your small dog, so that she could fancy herself to be the ultimate cat’s meaow ready to devour the next spice bird!

Andresh from Mumbai

You feel bad about being single in your small village? I live in a country of over a billion. You’d think one would have better chances.

Your lips are sweet as the sweetest mango lassi, your skin is as white as the whitest basmati rice, and your style is as spicy as the spiciest chicken tikka masala!

Andrew from Houston

There are two seasons in Texas. Hot and hot as hell!

What do you call a Baptist church with a fancy website? – Nondenominational.

Drew from Seattle

Omg, I loove sports … Like, I was the QB on my college football team. QB as in Quarter Bitch!

Andres from Barcelona

And then…She gave him the look!! Only Puerto Rican girls can give a guy the look. And then…nobody ever saw him ever again.


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