5 Jokes of the Day

Andres from Barcelona

“No soy Gringo, soy Blanco.” – I am not a Gringo, I am a Blanco.

Andy from Miami

Let’s get something straight. I’m not creepy, I’m single!

Joke for Andy from New York City

I’m only half Jewish, so we’ll split the hot-dog, 50-50 & it will be completely kosher!

Joke for Dre from Chicago

In my free time I hang with my boys, Lil man’ Shaq and Dontell. Lil’ man is only 5’1, but he says his attitude gives him an extra 2 feet, which is why he be called Lil’ Man Shaq.  Dontell say, “What?’ That’s right, cuz he be Dontell. Uhuh. That’s right!!

Andre from Paris

You see, in France, we do not remember the names of the restaurants we’ve been to, only the waitresses and the meals we ordered, and sometimes we even forget the meals.  C’est la vie.


Comedy Stock Talk – Week 1

Week of 7/5 – Buy Inovio Pharmaceuticals (Zika Vaccine) or Cafe Press (Custom T-Shirts)?

Part 1 Video: Inovio

Part 2 Video:

stock comparison

Pros for Inovio

Higher institutional ownership
Some insider purchases
Month low was very recent and due to post Brexit
Dependent on lab results and federal funding for Zika

Cons for Inovio

Competition from other Zika vaccine companies
Uncertain track record for other medicines
Poor financials and lack of profitability from other operations

Pros for Cafe Press

Gradually higher insider ownership
Recent stock price is lower than normal
Better balance sheet as a result of closing unprofitable operations
Owners could be marketing to sell the company off to the highest bidders.

Cons for Cafe Press

Low trading volume
Lower institutional ownership year to date
Low market cap makes it more volatile